Gaziantep University Syrian Scholarship

Academic Speech and Writing Symposium

Academic Speech and Writing Symposium given by PhD faculty member Sevil Hasirci. The symposium given to master and doctorate students. The symposium was given in 2 sessions The following topics were covered in this symposium are; academic ways of speaking, proper ways to use academic terms, how to write academic thesis etc.

What kind of experience was the event for you?
It was very useful for us. Since we were foreign students, we had difficulties in the academic field. We had some shortcomings in the academic field, and we were able to complete them thanks to the event.
What did the events bring to your life?
Now I am in solidarity with my friends at the university. The events gave me the opportunity to meet new friends. It enabled me to improve my Turkish skills.
Do you suggest this event to other students?
If they feel lacking in the academic field, I strongly recommend that they participate

Ahmet Vusso (Master Student in Public Law)

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