Gaziantep University Syrian Scholarship
Information for Applicants

Selection Criteria

To select candidates for the UoG Syria Scholarship the following selection procedure applies:
Selection committee (comprises of the representatives of the UoG and SPARK) assesses each application against the criteria listed above, gives specific recommendations and prioritizes the applications.

UoG assess the applications and decide if the applicants’ educational, social and economic background, and where necessary, professional experience, meet the specific requirements of the scholarship programme, and if a candidate is eligible for the scholarship award.

These assessments lead to a selection.

The outcome of the selection will be made available to UoG Syria Scholarship candidates through e-mail by the end of November 2017. University will inform awarded students about the Scholarship disbursement, further logistical arrangements and by means of the support desk give guidance to the scholarship holders.

In the selection process, the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

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